How Much Does a Canary Cost

How Much Does a Canary Cost ? 5 Important Factors

How Much Does a Canary Cost?

Canary bird costs around $50 to $400 for male adult birds and $30 to $200 for female canary birds. And, it may cost less around $25 to $70 for the young canary birds depending on the variety and the type of canary bird.

The LL Cages and Finch Farm in Washington have different diversity of canary that costs around $80 to $350 depending on the type of canary.

There are various types of canaries in terms of plumage, sound, and species. Each variety has a different cost and price. Some canaries are well known by their beautiful singing tones and some of them are loved and kept as a pet due to their plumage.

So, the more variety and the quality any canary has, the more expensive or costly it gets.

Even the champion canaries who take part in singing championships in different countries have their value and price. The breeders don’t sell such breeds normally however if anyone does, it may be the price of their own so the canary prices vary.

 As an expert and breeding canaries for several years, I was also wondering and curious to know what will be the cost of a canary as a pet at the beginning. Understanding the curiosity of bird lovers I am sharing my experience and research for my readers regarding how much does a canary cost?

There are the following things and elements that will affect the cost of the canary. So, let’s discuss those in detail.

  • Beginner Canary Bird Buyer
  • Intermediate Canary Bird Buyer

Beginner Canary Buyer

Here I mean to say that if you are new and it’s your first experience to buy a canary as a pet then the following things are the necessary and key factors that will affect the cost of buying a canary.

1. Canary Cost

               The first and the most top is the cost of the canary bird which can be around from $50 to $400 depending on the type of canary. It should also be in the mind that it is the price for the adult male canary. Because female canaries don’t sing and they won’t entertain you with the beautiful sounds they make.

2. Canary Cage Cost

               The second factor that will involve the cost of the canary bird as a pet, is the cage you choose. There are several cages available for the canary birds which cost around $30 to $200. You can check out them here.

3. Food/Water Containers

               The next factor that makes an addition to the cost of the canary bird is the containers for the food and water supply. These containers cost around $3 to $10. Again it depends upon the quality and variety of the products that you choose for your canary bird.

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4. Food & Vitamins

               This cost is a permanent and ongoing cost which you have to do on regular basis for your canary. The seed for the canary birds will cost you around $15 to $30 which will be enough for more than a month.

In case, you have a red factor canary (check here: Why do Red Factor Canaries need special food) you need a separate color feed for such canary bird to keep its color red. And that would cost you around $20 to $30.  

In addition, you have to supply and feed the canary with calcium and vitamins. You can get a cuttlebone for the source of calcium around $2 to $4 easily.

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5. Other Products/elements

               These factors include bathing tub/bowl, perches, and egg food supplements, etc. However, as a beginner, you can reduce the cost of your canary bird by using the stuff you have at home. Like a cup for the bathing tub, and branches of trees for the canary to sit on, and like other stuff.

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               However, these products also don’t cost that much. You can easily get them under $10 for your canary cage.

Health / Veterinary Cost of a Canary Bird

               As a beginner, you may face some serious issues in respect of canary bird’s health. So, a routine checkup may cost you around $30 to $50. But, in my experience, if you provide fresh and healthy food supplements to your bird, I don’t think so that you would need a veterinary doctor and routine checkup.

               Now, let’s assume the total cost on an average basis for the beginner canary bird lover.

Particulars Cost
Canary cost on average $150
Canary Cage Cost on Average $80
Canary Food/Water Containers Cost $10
Canary Perches/Bathing Tub Cost     $10
Canary Birds Food & Vitamins Cost   $20
Total Cost of Canary   $270

This is how much does a canary costs for a beginner. But it is calculated based on average and available resources online. You can get a canary bird for less than $100 with all the above things including a cage.

Canary birds in the US and UK and other European countries may cost on the above-average price. But, in countries like Pakistan, Iran, India, and even in Afghanistan, the cost of the canary-bird on average is much cheaper and low as compared to the US.

Intermediate Canary Buyer

As an intermediate canary buyer, I mean to say that if you have already the stuff like a cage which could be of any bird-like parrot, etc, and other supporting stuff including perches, food, and water containers and bathing tub.

In this case, you have to only bear the expense of buying a canary, which could be around $50 to $400.

On average calculation, you can get a young energetic, and healthy adult male canary around $150 which will please you with the singing.

I have been in contact with different canary bird breeders around the globe and every time I have asked about the prices and costs of the Canary bird, it varies from region to region.

In some countries, it would be very cheap while others would cost more than $200. But, my final words explain same that it depends on the variety of the birds.

I hope that now you have a better idea of how much does a canary cost and all basic to advance key elements that will increase the cost of a canary bird. Please let me know if you have any questions and suggestions for this article. I would love to respond and learn as well from you.

Note: These above prices are for the single canary not for the pair, so if you want to know about the prices and cost of the pair of a canary let me know. I will guide you there as well.