Can Male and Female Canaries Live Together

Can Male and Female Canaries Live Together? Interesting Facts

Can Male and Female Canaries Live Together

Male and Female canaries can happily live together in the breeding season. They can also live together with other than a breeding season if both of them are cool and not aggressive. Most of the time Male canary get aggressive and can harm the female canary. In such cases, they cannot live together.

Male canaries sing very actively and aggressively in the breeding season to attract female canaries. Sometimes male canaries are too much aggressive that they can easily harm female canaries.

That’s why the experts and even I personally keep my male and female canaries separate. Even in the breeding season, before pairing male and female canaries, they are kept in a separate cage each besides other.

I keep them nearby each other for a couple of days so that they can communicate, attract and incline towards each other. Once I see the male and female canary inclination and chirping on the sounds of each other. I let them be paired in one single cage.

The main reason behind separate cages before pairing is to allow male and female canaries to understand each other. Sometimes it’s a female canary that doesn’t accept the male canary. In this case, also both of them can get aggressive and fight.

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So, I allow male and female canary birds to be caged separately and kept side by side for a couple of days before mating.

I have experienced many cases where a male canary had badly injured my female breeding canary. To avoid such circumstances I suggest and I strongly recommend every bird keeper to allow male and female canaries some time before pairing.

Can Male and Female canaries live together other than a breeding season?

In a breeding season, both male and female canaries are very active and aggressive. Once they are paired they can live together. However, if it is not a breeding season and you want to keep male and female canaries together.

You can keep them together and they can live together. Especially in the molting season where the birds are tired and going through an exhausting stage, it’s observed that male and female canaries can live together without any hustle.

But, you may also observe the reaction of male and female canaries before leaving them in one single cage. Because in molting season or normally male canaries are active singers. Male canaries love to sing and play around the cage. So, in such a case, you need to observe the behavior of male canaries towards a female.

As a beginner, I had bad experiences while keeping male and female canaries together. In a breeding season, I purchase a male singing canary and directly left that in the cage of a female canary for breeding. I was so eagerly waiting for them to mate and start breeding.

But, after few minutes the male canary started to fight with the female canary and I didn’t know the reason. This fight injured my female canary and I could not breed in that season.

As a general practice, most of the breeders keep the male and female canaries together to live. In most cases, they keep them in a big aviary or a cage where they can fly freely. In such cases, they don’t harm each other and they can live together. Because there is enough space for them.

My advice to all breeders and canary bird keepers would be to follow the steps of breeding and pairing canaries so that you may not lose your bird and miss the breeding season. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this topic. I would be happy to help you.

Note: Adult male and female canaries need some attention above-mentioned procedure to live together however, the chicks or baby male and female canaries can live together. Unless they have not reached the adultery age.