About US

I am Janan Zerhi, I love canary birds and I have been in the canary bird-keeping since 2007. I would love to have canaries all species and breeds in my bird set up. Currently, I have more than 200 pairs of birds which is awesome. 

I have taken many pieces of training and part in championships for canaries breed and singing. Canary bird keeping is not only my hobby but my life is worthless without these wonderful and beautiful birds.

I have experience of more than 13 years and started this blog to help out my friends here online to answer their questions so that they may take good care of their canaries. The main reason and purpose of this blog are to share my experience of 14 plus years with you. I would be very pleased if my suggestions and experience may save this lovely breed of bird. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time with your queries. 

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