do female canaries sing

Do Female Canaries Sing? 5 Facts About Female Canaries

Do Female Canaries Sing

Have you ever heard female canaries singing, normally female canaries don’t sing? But, in breeding season when the female canaries are ready to mate then they react like males and start singing. However, female canaries singing tune is not as good as male canaries.

How do female canaries sing?

In my experience of canary bird keeping, I have noticed several times that female canaries started to sing. Even sometimes I was having trouble distinguishing female canaries due to their singing. This case is mostly with mature female canaries as they have been paired once or several times. However, the baby female chicks when comes to adultery and ready to mate, the chances are very rare that she will start singing.

As like the male canary chick starts chirping and continues to clear tunes for singing which become louder and louder.

The female canaries once paired and raised the chicks for a breeding season, when they are separated from males to rest and complete the molting stage. Normally most of the female canaries rest and complete the molting stage to be ready for the next breeding season.

However, in rare cases, a few female canaries would react opposite and despite resting and molting, these would be very active to mate and be paired with male canaries again. In such cases, the female would be jumping and reacting to male canaries singing.

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If the female canary is left without pairing, she would lay infertile eggs. Even though nesting material isn’t provided, still she would lay eggs on perch, tray, or the food containers. These are all the reasons behind the female canary that sings.

I mean most likely the canaries would rest and complete the process of molting. Sometimes if female canaries (not all female canaries) didn’t mate with males so it would be the reason and aggression of females for pairing.

Well, these were the learnings that I experienced female canaries singing. But, now let’s see the scientific research behind this.

Scientific Research behind Female Canary Singing

According to the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research where Dutch researchers have researched this condition of female canaries singing.

As per the researcher Tessa Hartog, it is the testosterone and BDNF protein that changes the condition of the female canaries to sing. The researcher says with few tweaks we can change the working system of neurons in the brain of female canaries to make new neurons so that female canaries start singing.

As for as BDNF protein is concerned, Hartog in his research says that this protein alone can be the stimulating substance for female canaries to sing without treating the female canaries with testosterone.

He furthers his research with the combination of protein i.e. BDNF and testosterone to come up with the result that these two substances would make a female canary sing like a male canary.

Source: Science Daily

This was scientific research specifically for female canaries singing. However, in my experience of 15 years of bird keeping and specifically with canaries, I didn’t even know about testosterone and BDNF protein. I only observed these conditions of female canaries naturally where these female canaries would start singing like a male canary.

While observing such conditions of female canaries, I often asked my other fellows who were in this field. Do female canaries sing? Where most of them said no they don’t sing as males do. How could a female canary sing like a male?

But, some of my friends who have experienced this condition of female canaries, said yes dear, they sing like male canaries sometimes. And other fellows would not believe it. They rejected our observations until they saw female canaries singing by themselves.

So, female canaries sing but not normally. If you experience and see your female canary singing so you don’t need to worry. It can still be paired and you can still get the breed from that female canary.

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I hope you that now you know about female canaries singing conditions and you have a clear thought regarding this. Please let me know if you have any other queries regarding this topic.

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