Can Canaries and Finches Live Together

This is How Can Canaries and Finches Live Together? 5 Tips For You.

Can Canaries and Finches Live Together

Canaries and finches are friendly birds and can live together. If you have not enough space to separate these birds, you can put these two species of birds together. However, keeping them together means not in a small cage, but in a wider space or bird set up.

If you want one canary and a finch to be kept in the same cage, so normally they would not fight and show aggression. However, for the first time, you need to look and observe their interactions and reactions before keeping them permanently together.

There are varieties of finch species and canaries. to keep them together you must follow the instructions as like:

  • Try to keep away the temperament birds either canary or finch from aviary set up.
  • If you want to mix these birds, allow both males and females of species.
  • Always keep the same sizes of birds together in order to avoid any trouble in the future.
  • Try to keep separate food supplement containers and water filters for each species of bird.
  • Regularly observe the interactions and reactions of these birds specifically in the breeding season. 

These are the main and foremost important points to be kept in mind before keeping the birds together especially when you have a question like can canaries and finches live together. 

The canaries generally don’t fight with other birds. The canaries have different varieties and breeds from small canaries to large Yorkshire canaries. These birds by nature are calm and friendly. They become aggressive and temperamental at the time of the breeding season or when the male canary is ready for mating and breeding, so he may act vigorously towards females and fight with other male canaries. 

However, the finches are normally small in size except for the large breeds of finches. And some of these finches may be aggressive and may fight with canaries.

Both canaries and finches don’t fight together. But, in a breeding season where male canaries are aggressive and ready to mate with female canaries, it can be the case that male canary may show their aggressiveness to finches. But, this is very rare.

At the beginning of the mutual setup of canaries and finches, you may see that these birds would be uncomfortable. But, by the passage of time, they accept the presence of each other and adopt the atmosphere.

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If you are not sure and uncertain about keeping these birds together, it is advised to keep either canaries or finches in a small cage within the setup of your aviary and observe the reaction of either bird. If you feel that these birds are normal and have no aggression then you can allow these birds in the same setup.

It is also advised to provide these birds nesting materials, nests, etc separately so that they may not disturb each other while breeding.

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Even the goldfinch and canaries can breed together and pair easily. Most likely male goldfinch and a female canary can be paired to breed. Both male goldfinch and female canary once ready for breeding can mate and live together. However, most of the time these birds are paired in separate cages so that after the female canary lays all eggs, the male goldfinch is separated from females. As the male goldfinch gets aggressive and can harm the female canary and disturb the hatching process. 

Overall, these two types of birds can easily live together in the same aviary bird set up and breed. Canaries and finches can live together if properly kept and provided with optimum space and food. Zebra finches, Diamond firetail finches, gold finches, cutthroat finches, and star finches can easily be kept and live together with canaries. 

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding canary birds I would love to answer them.