is canary a good pet

Is Canary a good Pet? 4 facts that makes a canary Good Pet.

Is Canary a good Pet?

Canary is a good pet to keep at home. The canaries are friendly companions that get used to their owners and atmosphere. A Canary can be habitual of its owner and place.

Canary is a small bird that is very well known for its beautiful singing. The canaries are kept at home as a pet and loved for their singing quality. There are various sizes from small, medium to large canaries.

The canaries have different colors like white, orange, yellow, green, red factor, red mosaic, silver, camel color, and other mixture of yellow and black, orange black, etc.

Various colors of canaries also attract the bird’s lovers to have a variety of colors as a pet.

If you are looking to adopt and get a canary as a pet bird at your home and wondering that if it would be a good pet to have or not. As you may be the beginner and newbie to experience a canary bird as a pet. It is obvious such questions would arise in your mind and you may be curious to adopt it as a pet.

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Well, I can guide you through this process as I have experience of years in this field of canary bird keeping where I also stared as a beginner and newbie.

I will let you know my experience and 4 facts about canaries as a pet to be kept or not so that you can easily decide either canary could be a good pet for you or not. Because knowing each fact and reason would benefit you as per your atmosphere and way of living.

So, let’s begin with 4 facts that make a canary as a good pet.

4 Facts About Canaries

1. A friendly bird

Canary is a friendly bird and can easily adjust to the atmosphere sooner. Canary while shifted or brought to a new place, maybe surprised at the start but within hours, a healthy and active canary would start jumping and chirping.

In rare cases, where I have experienced that some canaries would react aggressively or stop singing even some of them would not allow the presence of a person nearby. In such cases, canaries would injure themselves.

But, these cases are very rare and such birds can also be trained and tamed to be friendly. You have to keep such birds at a place especially in a tv lounge or a common room where the family members spend most of the time so that the fear of a canary disappears.

However, mostly canaries are friendly you can keep them near to your table where you spend most of the time. The more time you spend with the bird, the more it will be friendly with you. But, it should also be in your mind that canaries are not as friendly as parrots, budgies, and other pet birds which can be left free to fly.

To do such practice, you have to train a baby canary to be hand tamed and be friendly like parrots. However, a canary bird can be hand tamed but it may not talk like parrots.

2. Clean Pet

Canary is a bird that doesn’t spread mess or dirt even in cages. The canary bird love to eat seeds, fruits, and vegetables without making garbage in-tray. The only thing you need to do is cleaning the faeces or wastes of canary from the tray and seedbox once or twice a week.

The digested waste of canary can easily be cleaned from the tray and if left for days in case, the smell of the waste doesn’t spread in the room or in the atmosphere for a week at least.

In addition, canary loves taking bath regularly to keep itself clean and beautiful. The bird needs a small box of water even sometimes with a water filter, it can easily take bath. Moreover, the canary bird also loves to spend most of the time on the stand in a cage rather than sitting in a tray or on perch.

These habits and the nature of canary make it a clean pet to be adopted and kept. I loved to see the canary bird while bathing and cleaning its feathers to look fresh and beautiful.

3. Easy to care

Canary is a pet that can be kept with little care and no extra or skillful knowledge like other birds. I loved these birds due to little care. You only have to take care of the seed/food supplements of the birds and water to avoid any mishap.

Canary eats little and plays more. I mean once the seedbox is full of seeds and the water filter filled up with water, it would be enough for a single canary to survive for more than two to three days.

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You can also help the birds with some fruits once or twice a week. They would love to have some vegetables as well. But, if you don’t have that much time then you can skip. But, for better nutrition and healthy birds, you must feed the canaries of these substances.

The only care these birds need is weather conditions and mosquitoes. In the summer and hot season, canary may not be kept in direct sunlight for a long time. And at night where you feel that mosquitoes will attack canary birds, then it is best advised to change the place of the cage or put a net on the cage to avoid any infections.

The canaries are sensitive to mosquitoes which may lead to the death of a canary bird.

In sum, other caring parts are as normal and same as other birds. So you have not to worry that these birds may need some extra care and attention. However, if you care about the birds with all your best it would be good for you and the canary birds.

4. Requires less space

The canary bird doesn’t require too much space and place to cover. It can easily be kept in a cage of 18” X 18” X 24” inches which can be hanged to a wall or kept on a table or on any rack.

Most of the birds which are intended to be kept as a pet like canaries need little space for their cages. Canary bird loves to be in a room or hang with a cage in the TV lounge, living room, or corridor. In this way, it gets friendly to man and loves to play around in the cage.

As many people think that we have to have a separate place for the canary bird-like big aviary room which is not true. It can be kept in a big aviary room but it can also be well handled in a small cage.

If you have no issue with space and have more room, it is advised to keep the canary in a larger cage than a normal size cage. In such a way canary can fly freely and play around in a cage and would be more healthy and fit.

I hope these facts and basic knowledge regarding canaries would clear the confusion of many pet lovers. Now you can easily keep a canary as a good pet as I do. However, if you have any questions regarding canary being a good pet or not, please feel free to contact me. I would love to answer your queries.