Can Canaries and Finches Eat The Same Food

Can Canaries and Finches Eat The Same Food? Did You Know?

Can Canaries and Finches Eat The Same Food

Well, canaries and finches can eat the same food without any trouble as mixed commercial seed for finches consists of 50% of canary seeds. However, there are some facts that every bird keeper especially canary and finch bird-lovers might know before supplying the same food to their canaries and finches.

Canaries and finches are birds of aviary where most of the bird lovers would like to keep them together in the same aviary. Even sometimes if they are not kept in the same cage, but some of the bird keepers either canaries or finches owners, would like to supply the same food/seed supplements to both species of birds.

In such cases, it is very important for those bird owners to have some information regarding supplying the same mixed seed to canaries and finches. So, here we have tried to provide some details that we experienced while keeping and raising these birds. 

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Same food or seeds

If we check the mixed seeds for finches so the mixture of those seeds consists of various seeds like canary grass seed, panicum millet, Niger seeds, Japanese millet, and while millet, etc. So, these seeds are easily acceptable for canary birds as well.

Canary birds can easily digest and get the energy from these mixed seeds. But, most of the time canary birds need extra food supplements as well to maintain the nutrition diet of the body.

Either it is canary or finches, both will survive and live either on canary bird seeds or finch bird seeds for some time. But, you may not get productive results. Providing the same food to both birds at the same time will be just ok and affordable for them to live only.

But, in long run, it’s hard to get healthy breeder pairs and chicks from such birds. Because making them live only on mixed seed or specific food supplement would confront them with diseases and other malnourishment of vitamins and nutrients.

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For such reasons, most of the time canary birds are supplied with different fresh foods, green foods, and fruits. It is the best choice to supply various supplements to canaries like fruits, eggs, and green stuff, etc, to maintain the need for the body for vitamins and nutrients.

The canaries love eating green stuff like nasturtium leaves, lettuce, and dandelion leaves. These greens stuff are highly recommended for canaries birds which off course finches do eat as well. The canaries also enjoy fresh fruits like grapes, oranges, apples, and other fruits.

Veterinarians Recommendations:

Most of the bird owners don’t bother to feed various fresh foods and green stuff either to canaries or finches. They need an easy solution to feed these birds. In that case, it is recommended by the veterinarians that mixed seed or canary pellets consisting of 80% canary pellets is best for canaries to nourish.

My Opinion

I suggest to all canary bird lovers that provide a good mixture of seeds and food supplements to birds. Though canaries can easily digest the same food that finches eat. But, it won’t be productive.

Your canary may stop singing in long run or may cause serious illness. I have noticed that canary birds don’t perform well enough in breeding, singing, and playing around in the cage when supplied with only one type of food supplement.
I recommend making a weekly dieting plan for canaries as I do where I provide mixed seeds, fresh foods, green stuff, and fresh fruits, etc.
I am very confident and sure that your canary will do well and won’t disappoint you. If you need that diet plan please let me know. I will definitely provide you the plan for free.