Do Red Canaries Need Special Food

Why Do Red Canaries Need Special Food?

Do Red Canaries Need Special Food?

Yes, Red canaries need special food and diet for maintaining the red color of their feathers. As naturally red canaries which are also known as red factor canaries didn’t exist. But they have been bred from two different breeds.

Red canaries first breed was developed in the 1920s by a German Breeder Dr. Hans Ducker. He paired two canaries red siskin Male canary and a yellow female canary. Pairing these birds together, the German breeder had red factor chicks which were assumed to be a mixture of yellow and red colors. However, these red canaries have a little and light red color.

Red canaries like other canaries are the same in size and breed. The only thing that differs among them, is the color. Red canaries or Red Factor canaries are known and famous for their red plumage.

As red factor canaries have a variety of color combinations which range from almost red /deep orange, apricot, pink, light orange, and red bronze. To maintain the red color, they need food supplements that contain beta-carotene.

Naturally, such supplements can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables like fresh carrots, broccoli, berries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, and cherries which contain a high volume of beta-carotene and are full of carotenoids. Such natural food supplements can be very useful and healthy for the birds to maintain their red color.

It is also very important to mention here that color maintaining also depends on the bird’s food intake. If a canary loves to eat such supplements then it is assumed to maintain the red color better than the one that doesn’t like such supplements.

Un-naturally the food supplements or color supplements are also available in the market to maintain the red color of the canaries. But, such supplements can be harmful to the bird’s health.

Chemically or commercially the color feeding for the red factor canaries contains the following three chemicals;

  • Beta-Carotene
  • Canthaxanthin
  • Orang Carotenoids

The main chemical component for color is Canthaxanthin. But the average ratio of Canthaxanthin and Beta-Carotene is the best practice for the canary birds to get full bright and fresh red color.

If only Canthaxanthin is provided to birds, they may not get a bright color. The feathers will be dull and dark. So, a proper mixture of both chemicals is the best practice.

How to feed color supplements to the Canaries?

There are two ways to supply color supplements to canaries.

  • Water
  • Nestling food


These food supplements should always be available in the water solution while the molting or non-molting season. Various color food supplements have a different ratio to mix in water. However, the average and most of them are the same.

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One teaspoon of the color food supplement should be mixed with one-half gallon of water. It is also advised to use boiled water to get good results. The mixed solution of water can be used for one week or 10 days at maximum. However, you can also refrigerate the rest to use it later on.

Nestling Food

The next option is to mix the color food supplements for the canaries in nestling food. You can mix one teaspoon of the color food with one kilo of dry nestling food.

Try to add some more ingredients like vitamin C and B to the nestling food to get a better result and healthier birds.

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How the red color is maintained in red factor canaries?

Do Red Canaries Need Special Food?

As stated earlier that with color food supplements, the red color is maintained. However, mostly the birds are fed with color supplements during the molt. Because it is easy to get red plumage of the canaries when molting starts.

Molting is a period of stress for canary birds. While maintaining the red color in the canaries, the best practice is to use natural and commercial food supplements during the molt. As it is very easy and highly recommended by the canary bird experts.

Besides, you can also use color food supplements other than molting season. It prepares the birds to maintain the red color.

It is also very important to mention here that canary bird chicks may be avoided commercial color food supplements.

I hope now you know that how the red canaries maintain their red color and they do need some special food for maintaining that color. Let us know if you have any queries regarding this.