What Do Baby Canary Birds Eat

What Do Baby Canary Birds Eat? 6 Food Supplements

What Do Baby Canary Birds Eat?

Baby canary birds eat nesting food which may differ from seeds to green supplies. Baby canary birds can also digest the seeds supplied by their parents. However, for healthy and active canary babies, nesting food along with green food supplements is necessary.

There are also readymade food/ seed supplements for the baby canary birds available in the market which need to be mixed either with water or sometimes with milk to be provided to chicks.

But, the best practice that I have ever experienced while feeding my canary baby birds is easy and affordable to everyone. Such supplements of foods have never disappointed me and will not disappoint you as well.

There are the following food supplements that baby canary birds eat.

1.      Egg

2.      Cucumber

3.      Lettuce Salad

4.      Hemp Seeds

5.      Seeds

6.      Nesting food

What Do Baby Canary Birds Eat

1.      Eggs

While feeding the baby canary birds when they hatch from the first day, I put a boiled egg in the container for their parents which they start to carry for their chicks. Egg contains vitamins and other necessary nutrients that nourish the baby canary chicks at an earlier stage very well.

What Do Baby Canary Birds Eat

The egg supplement should always be replaced each day with the fresh one to serve healthy food supplements to canary bird babies.

After the canary chicks reach 3 weeks or a month, a meshed boiled egg may be served. After a month they start sitting on perches and fly here and there. So, they do also try to taste the supplements. A meshed egg is the best supplement and beginner food for these birds to learn to eat. A meshed egg can be continued for 7 to 10 days more unless they can easily break the shells of the seeds to eat.

2.      Cucumber

The next food supplement that is very essential for the baby canary birds to eat is the cucumber. Cucumber supplies all liquid and digestion nutrients to canary bird babies which also protects them from constipation and other stomach issues.

What Do Baby Canary Birds Eat

In addition, each time when you serve egg to canaries it is also very necessary to supply cucumber or salad after the egg supplements. Because in most cases, canary birds can easily get sick and confront diseases like diarrhea especially in summer and hot seasons.

Cucumber can be continued from day 1 to day 60 for the baby canary birds. It doesn’t have any side effects for canary birds. Even it improves the shininess of feathers of canary baby birds.

I have also experienced that cucumber can be a healthy supplement while in molting season for canary birds.

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Well, when baby canary birds leave their nest and start to fly and jump. Cucumber cut into half and placed in a container or on perch, chicks start to taste it and learn eating easily. It can also fulfill the need for water to be maintained in their body until they learn to drink from the water tank.

So, I find and suggest cucumber an essential food supplement for the baby canary birds to eat on regular basis.

3.      Lettuce Salad

Lettuce is also a good food supplement for baby canary birds to eat. It can be served as like egg and cucumber on daily basis from hatching up to 60 days after the hatching.

What Do Baby Canary Birds Eat

This is also a great source of energy for canaries while digesting their food. But, you need to be more careful while serving salad to canaries either baby canary birds or adults.

Before, serving salads you need to taste it if it tastes good. In case, the taste is different and bittering, don’t supply it to the birds. You may lose your bird.

4.      Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are also an essential food supplement for baby canary birds to eat. Hemp seeds may be kept in the water for more than an hour or should be boiled for about half-hour and then be kept to dry.

Once they are dried and the shells of the seeds are open, you can serve these to canary chicks. This supplement can also be served from day 1 to day 50.

Hemp seeds contain all necessary nutrients that help baby canary birds to nourish in the body. They get a healthy and fit body through this food supplement.

Once they step out of the nest and start learning to eat eggs, cucumber, and salad, the hemp seed is the first and easy step for learning to eat seeds. Because their shell is already open and easy to break so they find it very comfortable and easy.

Note: This supplement should be stopped after 45 to 50 days depending on the body and size of chicks because the continuous supplement would cause fatness and heaviness. However, it can be served on a weekly or monthly basis.

5.      Mixed Seeds

Normally mixed seeds are served to baby canary birds by their parents from hatching until they learn to eat. However, male and female canary birds love to serve soft food supplements to chicks as that is easy to digest.

Mixed seeds are an essential part of the food supplements for baby canary birds as they will be part of their diet in the future.

               But, from day 1 to day 30 to 40, baby canary birds find it hard to eat seeds. However, they do practice and continue to learn to eat mixed seeds.

6.      Nesting Food

Nesting food means the ready-made available food supplements for the baby canary birds. These supplements contain all necessary nutrients in one place where you don’t need to supply various food supplements.

You can say that it is all in one package for the baby canary bird’s diet. It is the best option for those canary birds lover who doesn’t have much time and can’t do much hard work to put each supplement separately.

My thoughts:

As I have already shared all my experience with you people. I would love to go for naturally available food supplements for my baby canary birds to eat as they are fresh and I have always been applying these methods which never disappointed me availing clutches of canaries.

I hope you have now an easy and affordable natural way of food supplements for your baby canary birds that they can eat and grow well naturally.

Let me know if you have any question and reach me out. I would love to help you.

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