How can I make my canary quieter

How Can I make my Canary Quieter? Amazing 7 Steps to Follow

How Can I make my Canary Quieter?

Canary birds are famous and well known for their singing. If your canary is singing too much and you want to make it quieter, you need to stop some food supplements and change the diet of your canary bird. In other cases, you can also keep it in a dark and quiet place for some days so that it will slow down its singing.

The male canaries in the breeding season are very active and sing too much to attract the female canaries. So, in breeding season you will notice that canaries sing a lot. And they don’t stay calm and quiet in this season.

7 Steps

You can follow these 7 steps How can you make your canary quieter.

  1. Avoid Breeding Food Supplement as boiled eggs.
  2. Supply green food like cucumber etc.
  3. Don’t keep it near a TV or noisy room but keep it in a dark room or under a shade.
  4. Separate it from the female canaries if they are in the same room/aviary so that they could not interact with each other by sound or chirping.
  5. Put a net cover on the cage of the male canary.
  6. Shower the male canary with water twice daily but be careful regarding the room and water temperature.
  7. Add some toys to the cage of the canary to play with them and change the position of the cage constantly.

My experience of more than 15 years of canary bird keeping has come up with above 7 most immediate and fast steps that can stop your male canary to sing vigorously and slow down singing.

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However, being an expert canary bird keeper I would not recommend anyone to do such practice. It is better to change your pet rather than making it quieter.

I also suggest that to put a cover on the cage of the canary for the time being when you want it to be calm and quiet. But, after you are free and done with your tasks, resume the cage and put the cover off from the cage.

I hope you have got my point and personal expert advice in this regard. Please let me know if you have any other questions in this regard, I would love to answer and help you.