Can Two Male Canaries Live Together

Can Two Male Canaries Live Together? 2 Amazing Facts

Can Two Male Canaries Live Together

Two male canaries can live together if they are not adults and not ready for breeding and mating. Male canaries always get so aggressive in a breeding season where they can fight with other males. So, it’s better not to put two singing aggressive males together.

Two adult male canaries if kept in a single cage, it is always a dangerous situation where both males will fight and can easily harm themselves. It’s better to cage them separately.

I have noticed such conditions regularly and avoided such practice. Again to keep in mind this is for adult males only in a cage. However, the situation in an aviary where you might have more free space then definitely two or more than two male canaries can easily live.

In case you have two male canaries but they’ve not reached their adultery then you can keep two males in a single cage. But, it is not a good practice.

I always separate canary chicks either male or female in cages once they reach self-feeding. Because most of the time, these chicks get so aggressive as well and can badly harm themselves in a single cage. Below is the image of my canary chicks which I recently separated from their parents.

Can Two male canaries live together


These all are from one clutch which you can see in my Youtube videos. They’re so aggressive and fight with each other. Even they have damaged the tails of each other. You can see the injuries in the tail areas of these chicks.

However, the cage of these chicks is of normal size but, still, they fight with each other. But, once they are kept/left in an aviary, they will be very happy and free to fly and start singing.

In the same way, some male canaries are inclined towards females for mating and breeding. They sing so aggressively and fly from one perch to another. Showing high interest in females, males get violent and don’t bear the presence of other males.

You might have also noticed that two male canaries kept side by side in separate cages, do also get aggressive and fight with each other. Because of such conditions, canaries are always kept in a separate cage even unseen from other pairs, in the breeding season.

So, once you see such male canaries try not to allow both male canaries to live in a single cage.

But, if you have a free fly space or open aviary setup then you can leave two or more than two male canaries either adult or not, in the same space. Because there would be enough space for them to fly. If a dominant male canary would try to harm the other male canary, it can easily escape and fly far away.

I have experience in both, cage setup and open aviary setup. I don’t recommend you open an aviary-free fly setup for breeding canaries or letting your males in that setup. Because the failure rate of breeding is much higher than cage setup.

I suggest you put your male canaries in separate cages so that you can easily pair them with the females of your choice which is not possible in an aviary setup. In addition, the cage setup will also provide secrecy to your male bird and you can also observe his activities and preparedness for mating.

As for aviary or open setup is concerned, I always put/transfer new chicks to that. The advantage of this setup is that your canary chicks will get healthy and start singing sooner. They would love to fly freely in open spaces. Both male and female chicks will nourish much better and get ready for breeding/mating.

Can Canaries live in an outdoor Aviary?

I have also noticed some adult males singing canaries when I have put them in a single cage, both singing males didn’t fight. The reason behind that was both males were not singing aggressively, they had no fertility. Their inclination towards female canaries was none.

Check out the video and see: Can two male canaries live together 

It may be the situation in your canary-keeping career where both singing males may not be able to mate with females. Or any single male canary who is singing very well and reached its adultery age. But, while you try to pair it with a female, the male won’t respond to a female call or mate properly. Because the male would be infertile.

Let us Break it down easily for you in form of the table so that to know if Can Two Male Canaries Live Together

Two Male Canaries
Cage Setup Aviary Setup
Types of Canaries Can Live Together (Yes, No) Can Live Together (Yes, No)
2 Male Chicks Yes Yes
2 Adult Males No Yes
2 Adult Infertile Males Yes Yes

I hope now you have a detailed idea regarding can two male canaries live together. If you have any questions or issues, please let me know I would love to help you out.