What do canaries like to play with

What do canaries like to play with? 5 Things to Entertain Canaries

What do canaries like to play with? 

The canaries are very pretty and lovely birds that entertain the owner with beautiful singing. The canaries sing beautifully and energetically only when they are provided with all basic and necessary nutrients and as well as caging materials.

Basically, Canaries like to play with other canaries most likely other than toys, etc. canaries prefer to live and play with their species like other birds. However, if a canary is kept alone or separate in a cage, then it might need some toys or things to play with.

There are several toys and things that can entertain canaries to play with. But, before we discuss those in detail, let us assume some precautionary steps or measures for adding these toys to the cage.

Things to keep in mind before adding toys and other entertaining things for the canaries to play with.

  1. Size of the Cage / Aviary

When canaries are kept in a cage or aviary, the size of the cage also matters a lot. So, try to have a recommended size of a canary cage. As much free space is provided to canary bird, it enjoys flying freely and playing.

In addition, the toys and other playing stuff can only be added to the birdcage, if there is enough space for those things. So, the space/size of the cage is most important for adding these things.

  1. Range / Number of Toys or things

Secondly, it is also very important to measure the range of toys/stuff that can easily be added to the cage without disturbing and minimizing the space for the canary bird.

It may not be the practice like filling the cage with full of toys where the canary bird gets disturbed and may harm itself. Canary needs maximum space to fly freely and sing joyously.

  1. Proper Placement of Toys

Canary birds like most of the other birds fly horizontally from one perch to another. The placement of toys and perches is very important in the cage.

They should be placed at a nominal distance and height where the canary bird may find those things different and joyful.

  1. Cleaning the toys/stuff

Before adding any new substance or toy to the cage it is very important to clean that with an antiseptic solution so that canary birds may not be affected by any bacterial or viral infection.

Mostly, the toys which are not packed in bird stores and kept near to other cages of the birds, get mites and germs which can cause serious infection to birds.

So, it is very important to clean all the toys and stuffs once brought from stores, and let those toys dry and be disinfected for about 24 hours at least.

These were the basic precautionary measures for the canary birds that will help you and your canaries to be happy.

Now, let’s see what are the main things for canaries to play with and entertain themselves. Here I am going to share my personal experience and those basic things/toys for canaries that will make your canaries happier.

What do canaries like to play with?

5 Simple and Amazing Things for the Canaries to play with…

  1. Tree Branches

  2. Perches

  3. Toys

  4. Mirrors

  5. Bells

  1. Tree Branches

One of the most important things which are very well-liked by the canary bird is the natural tree branches. Tree branches provide a natural feeling and canaries love it to be in the cage.

The tree branches do not only provide a natural look but, also diversify the flying of canaries in cages. Thin and weak branches work like swings where canaries love to sit again and again.

In addition, tree branches are more favorable and recommended for canary birds because their legs/claws won’t damage too much. The beaks of the canaries are shaped well by these tree branches.

In sum, tree branches have a variety of functions and advantages for canaries. Besides canaries like to play with, they do also have health benefits.

  1. Perches

The second commonly used items are the perches. The canaries love to have various perches to sit on and play with. Perches come in various designs and types. It depends on the size of your canary cage and placement.

Perches allow canaries to fly and sit to different angles and that makes them happier. In addition, they also start to sing and get ready for the breeding season as well.

Following are some types of perches for canaries;

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  1. Toys

The canaries do also like to play with toys. But, remember that canaries are not as playful and have a high degree of interest in toys as parrots and budgies have.

Toys like hanging threads with various colors attract the birds. Some toys like hanging balls, birds statue and other plastic materials would also be a great addition to the canaries bird setup.

But, again the size of the cage and placement order may be observed accordingly.


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4. Mirrors

Some canaries like to play with mirrors as well. They enjoy chirping in front of the mirror. Especially the chicks when start to sing. They love to be in front of the mirror.

Various types of mirrors which can easily be adjusted in the cage are available for canaries. The canaries like to play with mirrors by standing in front of it so that the reflection attracts their attention.

Sometimes, male canaries start fighting with their reflection in the mirror. Mostly male canaries when ready for breeding and sing vigorously. So, it is advised to avoid adding mirror toys for such male canaries to avoid any damage to the bird.

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  1. Bells: Do canaries like bells?

The canaries do play with bells in the cages. Hanging bells near the tree branches or perches where canaries fly and sit, provide them extra activity by knocking bells.

The sound of bells and movements attract the attention of canaries so they enjoy playing with those hanging bells around in the cage.

It is also very important to have a small size or normal size of bells for canaries so that the movements of bells may not harm your canaries.

Some, nominal and simple bells are as under which are best for canaries to play with;

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These were the basic things/toys for canaries that they would love to play with.  However, some other canary birds owner have the idea of keeping a bathtub which I think comes in essential stuff for the canaries.

Some of the bathing tubs for canaries…..

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What music do canaries like?

Some owners of canary birds like to play music for the canaries. They might have thought that canaries like music or some type of instrumental music attract the birds.

I am not sure that there would be any specific type of music for canaries to like. However, I play various music tracks in my aviary setup which always stimulates my canary birds and they start chirping and singing.  


It is also very imminent to mention here that canaries are not as playing birds like the parrots or budgies. So, you may not see regular playing of canaries with toys.

How do I make my canary happy?

The canaries love to play with various things including toys, ropes, mirrors, bells, etc. As for my personal experience of canary bird keeping, I have always tried to allow my canary bird a more natural environment rather than depending on toys and other stuff. So, I mainly focus on proper diet and basic things required for my canaries.

However, by following pre-requisites, anyone can add the above types of toys/stuff to their canaries bird setup.

I hope that you have a better understanding of the topic of What do canaries like to play with and now you can make your canary bird happier.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this, I will be happy to answer and reply to you with my experience.