Do Canaries Breed All Year Round

Do Canaries Breed All Year Round? 4 Amazing Key Factors

Do Canaries breed all year round

The canaries can breed all year round if provided all breeding conditions artificially other than in breeding season. They can breed all year round where they can lay eggs and raise chicks on monthly basis. However, this process will exhaust the pair and affect their health as well. Making their life span shorter.

What month do canaries bird breed?

The canaries start breeding as earlier as the end of October or start of the November and continue to breed till February and March. This all depends on the weather conditions. Depending on the weather season, canaries start to breed in earlier winter and till the start of summer.

So, you can check the weather of your city and put the breeding pairs together. As here in my city, I always start my breeding in November and continue it till February. The reason is the season, winter starts early in November where canaries are ready after exhaustive molting season and health to breed.

Because in summer, the weather gets too hot and makes it difficult for the canaries to breed and raise their chicks without any hassle. In summer, canary birds owner confront several issues like molting, mites, and dizziness of canaries.  

So, how do canaries breed all year round?

If you want to breed canaries all year round you have to follow the following steps:

Do Canaries Breed All Year Round – 4 Key Factors

  1. Proper Diet
  2. Room Temperature
  3. Light
  4. Proper Space in Cage

1. Proper Diet

To continue breeding canaries, it is very important to feed the pair with breeding food supplements continuously and other all essential diets that contain fiber, vitamins, proteins, and minerals so that they remain healthy and fit for the whole year round.

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2. Room Temperature

The temperature of your room should be controlled where it is normally in the breeding season. Try to maintain a sustainable temperature in the aviary or cage which can be from 15 to 25 Degree centigrade.

Don’t allow the temperature to rise above 25 which can disturb you and your breeding plan.

3. Light

Allow the breeding canaries to have enough light for breeding. 14 to 16 hours a day is enough for the breeding canaries all year round. It is also advised to allow the breeding pair to have proper rest time at least 7 hours to 8 hours a day so that to produce and have a productive breeding season.

4. Enough Space

While breeding the canaries all year round, you have to have a wider and enough space for the breeding pair so that chicks and pairs can easily fly and live together. Space should be that much where you can put an extra nest after two weeks so that a female canary can easily lay her eggs into that nest without disturbing chicks.

These are the basics and most important key factors to do such practice with breeding canaries all year round.

My Experience;

I wanted to try and do an experiment with my canary breeding. I put a pair in the condition with normal temperature as it used to be in the breeding season like 10 to 15 degrees centigrade even around 20. I provided all the nutrients, food supplements, proteins, and exact duration of the daylight.

I went up to 6 clutches of chicks which I got from my breeding pair. Each clutch had 3 to 4 eggs and about 20 chicks at the end of the year from one pair.

But, one thing I noticed was that my breeding pair exhausted too much and didn’t get time to rest and molt properly.  Even this pair was less active in the next breeding season as it used to be. It took time for me to get them ready back for the breeding again and have healthy canary babies.

I have also noticed that excessive breeding and unstoppable pairing can also cause damage to canary chicks. Most of the time, even after providing all proteins and nutrients, chicks confront weakness, disability and sometimes die in the shells as well.

So, in the end, I have concluded and advise all breeders to avoid such practice in order to have healthy pairing birds and chicks. Because you can get a bunch of clutches each year if you only allow your pairing canary birds to mate and raise chicks in the natural season.

Molting and resting for the canaries is also very essential. In this period, they can get new feathers ready for the breeding season and even proper rest to be prepared for the upcoming restless breeding season. Where male and female canaries continue to raise their chicks unexhausted.

Please let me know if you have any queries and need information regarding this. I would love to help you.