Do Canaries lay eggs without Mating

Do Canaries Lay Eggs without Mating – 3 Important Factors

Do canaries lay eggs without mating

The canaries lay eggs even without mating when they are not paired in the breeding season. Female canaries react and respond to male canaries singing, if they are not paired together, they will start to lay eggs even without a nest as well.

I have also experienced that most of my female canaries laid eggs without mating as they were ready for breeding.

Female canaries when provided with sufficient breeding food supplements, get ready for mating. If not paired they will eventually start laying eggs without mating.

Several factors cause a female canary to lay an egg without mating. I have experienced and noticed that my female canaries often lay eggs on the porch or sometimes in food containers without mating or living alone.

In 15 years of my canary bird’s experience, I noticed the following most important and key factors where canaries lay eggs without mating.

Do canaries lay eggs without mating? 3 main reasons ;

1. Light

2. Diet/food supplements

3. Female Canary without a mate

1. Light

Light is the main factor where the canaries get ready for the breeding season. A wild canary or any wild bird naturally starts their breeding in the summer season. The reason is the extended daylight which starts from 12 hours to 15 and 16 hours a day.

The summer season is the best time for the canaries to raise their chicks and provide sufficient food in the daylight. The extended time stimulates canaries to mate and get ready for breeding. The long daylight allows these birds to feed and raise canary babies more efficiently and fast.

As for the captive or pet canary birds, we always use artificial lights in the aviary or bird rooms. So, this factor automatically stimulates these birds to get ready for breeding even if the breeding season is not started. That’s why most of the canary bird owners have experienced and practiced getting the clutches of chicks all year round.

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The light is used in the bird room for more than 12 to 15 hours, canaries have enough time and naturally get ready to lay eggs and raise chicks. So, light is one of the most important and key factors for canaries while laying eggs without mating.

2. Diet / Food Supplements

The second thing is where canaries get ready to lay eggs, which is in their diet. Most of the time, canary bird owners continue supplying the breeding diet to canaries, resulting in laying eggs without mating.

The vitamins, proteins, and other food supplements that are used for the canaries birds to breed and get ready for the season, are also the reason that brings a female canary to lay eggs even without mating.

The breeding diet also stimulates female hen canary to get ready for mating and laying eggs. After a sufficient supply of food, she reacts to the call of the male canary regularly and at the end lays an egg without mating.

3. Female Canary without a mate

One of the reasons is female canary without mate, sometimes canary pet owners separate a female canary or don’t have a male canary to pair with a female canary. The female canary gets ready to mate and even reacts to the call of the male canary.

Even I have noticed that female canary bends down on the sounds and chirping of other birds. She even shows and responds to various calls or sometimes on the singing of a paired male canary.

This situation occurs when a female canary is left alone for many days in breeding season when she is ready for laying eggs and mating. As said earlier, sufficient daylight and proper diet stimulate this condition into canaries. Which results in laying eggs without mating.

The same thing also happens with the male canary where he gets so aggressive and starts singing continuously and tries to mate with a female canary.

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In sum, It’s obvious that canaries lay eggs without mating when provided the sufficient light and breeding diet however, these eggs will not be fertile even if incubated. To avoid such conditions, it is suggested to pair the canary birds in the breeding season and reduce the time frame of light in the bird room for female canaries who are alone and not paired.

I hope you have now a better understanding regarding do canaries lay eggs without mating. Let me know your opinions and questions.