Do Canaries mate for life

Do Canaries mate for life ? Really Amazing! Did You Know..

Do Canaries Mate for Life

No, canaries don’t mate for life time. They can be paired with any female canary in the breeding season. However, if you don’t have any other pairs, you can still leave them to be paired and breed for life time.

The Canary is a lovely bird to be kept as a pet. The singing quality and beautiful plumage attract bird lovers. While opting for the pet, most of the canary owners go for a pair to breed. They start with one pair or a couple of pairs.

So, they also get curious about their pairing and keen to know if they mate for the life time with one male or female. Like some of the bird species do mate for life time and live with single male or female.

But, it is not the case with canary birds that live together in pairs or alone. They can easily be paired with any of the female or male canary that is ready to mate and breed in the breeding season.

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However, before pairing canaries, male and female canaries are kept side to side to communicate and understand each other. Because most of the time canaries start fighting and can hurt each other. Once they get to know each other then they can easily live and be paired together.

A canary bird doesn’t mind pairing with any female canary. In a breeding season, male and female canaries are highly active and stimulated to pair. I have even paired a single male canary with more than 5 female canaries to observe and see any difference. But, the male canary had an equal and same inclination towards all female canaries.

I have observed that if a single female canary can raise and feed chicks alone. So after laying all eggs, I separated the male canary from the female. Giving one week’s rest I paired the same male canary with another female canary easily. Such practice allowed me to get the clutches of chicks more quickly and easily while having minimum numbers of male canaries.

But, you must be very sure about the female canary that she can easily feed the chicks and doesn’t get irritated by separating male canary. I do such practice with experience female canary that has already raised chicks in pairs.

Sometimes while separating a male canary from a female can ruin your breeding season or the eggs. Because a male is separate from a female canary, she might feel lonely and react to the singing of another or the same male canary. Failing eggs incubation.

So, I do observe the behavior of such female canaries regularly so that I am well aware of breeding pairs. In case, female canary doesn’t incubate and feed the chicks properly then I don’t remove the male from the cage and allow both male and female to raise and feed the chicks.

For the ones that can raise and incubate eggs without a male, I make a chart for such female canaries so that I can easily get the several clutches of chicks in the minimum time frame.

The same is the case with female canaries, they can also be paired with several males. These birds don’t mind and love to breed with a healthy and active male canary.

In all, I am sure that now you know and are clear about the canaries mating for life. So, do canaries mate for life, no they don’t mate for life unless left or paired with a single male or female for the life time.

If you have any questions regarding canaries, please let me know, I will get back to you as soon as possible with a proper solution and answer.