Can Canaries live in an Outdoor Aviary

Can Canaries live in an Outdoor Aviary: Important Things to Know

Can Canaries Live in An Outdoor Aviary

The canaries can live in an outdoor aviary with a secured atmosphere around them. An aviary that is protected from outside threats especially from mosquitoes, can be a preferable place for canaries to live.

Are Canaries Good Aviary Birds?

The canaries like other birds love to have free space where they can fly freely. Finches and other small birds which live and breed in an aviary without any hassle, canaries have a different approach to this open system.

When to keep canaries to live in the outdoor aviary and when not to;

When to keep canaries to live in an outdoor aviary

The canaries are lovely pets and can live together with other types of birds as well. While keeping the canaries in an outdoor aviary can be very beneficial. There are several advantages of keeping your canary bird in an aviary.

Before knowing those benefits, first, let me tell you the precautionary measures and steps for shifting your canaries to live in an outdoor aviary.

  • The aviary should be wider than your normal cages at least. The more in size, the more it is better.
  • It should be well protected from outside dangers like mosquitoes especially.
  • It should be under a shed to have a better resistance against extreme weather conditions.
  • It should be easy to clean and maintain.
  • Sufficient sizes of seeds buckets and water filters
  • An adequate amount of stuff for birds to play with, should not be full of extra and unnecessary stuff.

These were the basic and important things to know before shifting canaries to live in an outdoor aviary.

Well, now you have met all the above requirements of the aviary, now you can have the following benefits from an aviary where canaries can live easily.

Advantages of Outdoor Aviary for the Canaries to live in:

  • A big room and wide area for your bird to fly easily.
  • Makes your bird healthier and fit.
  • You don’t need to worry about daily checking of seeds buckets and water filters.
  • The canaries can live on their own for weeks while you are on vacation or on some important task.

The canaries can be shifted to an outdoor aviary when you don’t want to have a note and breed a specific type of canary. You don’t care about their generation, type, and mutation.

Sometimes, canary bird owners don’t have enough time to breed all birds separately in cages, then it’s best to let canaries live in an outdoor aviary.

If you are one of them, you can keep your canaries in an outdoor aviary.

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Can canaries live in an outdoor aviary for breeding

If you want to keep a canary bird in an aviary to breed and avail the chicks of a specific type of canary then it might not be the best option for you to do it so.

It isn’t as if aviary for canaries will not be suitable. Aviary can be a better option for the new chicks and canaries with fats.

Breeding canaries in the aviary will have various issues for the owner to confront with. The canaries living in the outdoor aviary will have several males, females, and nests. Two males can fight to mate with a single female canary and the same two females can fight for a nest.

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In an aviary, a canary becomes more active and where a couple of pairs are left for breeding, males are so aggressive that they will fight with one another to have a female for mating. This fight can sometimes be very dangerous resulting in damage to other canaries. In such conditions, a canary bird owner may lose a male canary or have a wounded canary that may not be ready for breeding.

The next issue that comes with an aviary system for canaries to live, is the attitude of female canaries. Two female canaries will fight for a single nest even sometimes they both will capture a single nest. In some cases, both of the female canaries will lay eggs in a single nest.

Sometimes both hens will sit and try to incubate in a single nest. It will be a very serious condition that can fail hatching chicks. If luckily eggs are hatched, the next fight will be feeding the chicks as both females would consider those chicks to themselves.

Such conditions will result in unproductive breeding. You may not recognize and differentiate between their eggs and you may not come to know the genetic father for the chicks. Even such cases will not have healthy and fit clutches of chicks.

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Can Canaries live in an outdoor Aviary; My Opinion

So, in my point of view, if you want to breed canaries and have some decent and healthy clutches of chicks, then it might not be the best option. I will suggest you breed canaries in a cage. Otherwise, you can keep your birds in an outdoor aviary.

Let me know if you have any questions in this regard, I would love to guide and help you.