how to stop a canary from singing

How to Stop a Canary from Singing ? Why and How?

How to Stop a Canary from Singing

A strange question to answer, how to stop a canary from singing while these are adopted as pets for their singing quality. However, if you are still interested to stop your canary from singing so there are some steps that you can follow to stop your canary from singing.

Before going into details of how to stop a canary from singing, it’s important to know why to stop a canary from singing.


Why is my canary singing so much?

Canary bird is well known for its singing quality. This bird is adopted as a pet for the quality of singing. Male canaries sing to attract female canaries. The new adult male canary starts singing too much and is ready to be paired with a female canary.

In breeding season, the male canary is so aggressive and possessive to mate. Canary sings aggressively while jumping in a cage. In breeding season, the singing of a canary is normally more than the normal season. This is the condition where a newbie pet owner gets irritated.

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The canary owner now thinks why is my canary singing so much and tries to stop the canary from singing so much.

In addition, some of the canary birds owners keep the canary either in the living room, TV lounge, or in the hall. The increased aggressive singing disturbs the owner and here he or she thinks about why is my canary singing so much and how to stop my canary from singing.

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The other reason that makes a canary bird owner stop it from singing is the number of male canaries in-room or aviary. Too many canaries especially singing male canaries will have too much singing that will definitely be the disturbing canary owner.

How do I get my canary to stop singing? 4 Tips

For any reasons above mentioned or other, the canary bird singing can be decreased with some little tweaks and steps to follow. However, the male canary will not fully stop singing unless confronted with disease or molting.

To decrease the singing of the canary you have to follow the following 4 tips.

  1. If you have a single male canary without a female canary, change the diet of your canary. Provide and supply the seeds and other mixtures of food that don’t stimulate the hormones of male canary. You can add cucumber on daily basis and avoid egg food etc. Food supplements that are cold in nature can be provided.
  2. To stop your canary from singing immediately, just cover the cage of your canary bird with a piece of cloth keeping it in dark.
  3. A canary can stop singing if it’s placed in a dark area or room.
  4. To decrease the singing of a canary bird, decrease the daylight provided to the canary.

These were the main and necessary steps that How to stop a canary from singing.

Do canaries sing all time?

canaries naturally don’t sing all day or all time other than in breeding season. The canaries normally sing all-time when fully ready for mating in the breeding season. In breeding season male canaries sing regularly to compete with other male canaries and attract female canaries.

Besides breeding season, its also observed that male canaries sing regularly due to food supplements that is regularly provided to them. Male canary with continuous breeding seeds doesn’t stop singing even during molt.


I have also seen some male canaries which I haven’t paired with female canaries for some reason, continued singing regularly even during their molting season. So, this case is not so often seen all time.

So, now you have come to know the reasons why do canaries sing so much and to the solution how to stop a canary from singing.

I personally don’t practice such steps to stop my canary from singing instead I pair my male canaries with females.

Hope that you have now a better understanding of this topic, let me know if you have any questions in this regard.