how to tell if your canary is happy

How To Tell If Your Canary Is Happy? 4 Basic Facts

How To Tell If Your Canary Is Happy?

Canary is a beautiful pet bird like other pet birds. It enjoys singing and chirping in the aviary or cage. To know if the canary is happy or not, will be hard for beginner canary bird owners.

How to tell if your canary is happy? It is very easy to tell if your canary bird is happy or not. If the canary bird is actively singing, playing, and chirping in the cage, it’s definitely happy. If your canary bird is interested in the diet or food supplements you provide and enjoys having a bath in a water tub or even spraying it with a spray bottle. It is happy.

It’s very important to keep your canary bird happy while having it in a cage or aviary. Because if the canary is happy then it is sure you will enjoy the singing of the canary, its breed of it, and the beauty of this bird.

How can you keep your canary bird happy?

Everyone who owns or likes this bird is very happy when he or she hears the bird sing. A happy canary in your corner also enjoys your company and has a choice if it likes or not to learn a number of songs. This depends on many factors like the bird’s species, the condition of its cage, how it is fed, and its mood or training.

Size of cage/aviary

A canary has to live in a cage or aviary. A proper size cage or aviary is very essential for your canary to live happily and breed season to season.

The normal and suggested size of the cage for a canary bird is 18 inches in width, length, and height of a single canary bird.

And an aviary setup would be larger than a normal cage size which would be better for a canary to live happily. But, it’s important that the surroundings of an aviary may be bird friendly and away from natural predators.

However, the type of cage will determine the condition of your canary. It will also help your canary to live longer.
Cages made of wire are the most common type. They are easier to clean and easy to assemble. However, cages made of wood are the most beautiful and are more expensive. They are also considered by many to be more comfortable.

Food supplement / Diet

The best way to keep a canary happy is to feed them a diet that is high in quality protein. Birds need to eat a diet of high-quality protein to maintain a stable biological clock.

A canary is a finicky bird that only eats from a certain type of food bowl. It can also only eat certain foods at certain times of the day. So, it’s important to feed your canary the right food.

The food that you feed your canary is known as a seed mix. It consists of a mixture of seeds of different kinds. The type of seeds in the food determines how your canary will perform. A seed mix with corn can be useful for training your canary because it has a lower protein content than a seed mix with millet. Moreover, a seed mix with wheat seeds will help your canary to gain weight.

In addition, you can supply some fruits on a daily basis and a green diet. Continuing such practice will help your canary to be fit and healthy. And, if the canary is healthy it is obvious it will enjoy singing and be happy.

Toys to Play

If you keep your canary busy, it will be happier. It will enjoy its time in the cage. It will enjoy showing you its songs. It also will enjoy learning new songs. It may be able to learn new songs in a matter of days.

It’s essential to have enough toys and games for your canary. It will also enjoy having a bird bath. Play with your canary. It will enjoy it. It will also enjoy eating the food that you give it.

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Canary Fellows

Another way to keep your canary bird happy is to have more than one or two canaries around your canary bird cage or in the aviary. It’s a natural fact that birds or animals love to be with their own type of species. They feel comfortable and happy around one family.

A canary bird like other birds loves to be with fellow canaries. If you have a male canary, it is suggested to have a female canary for it. Doing that will make a canary bird happy.

In addition, the canary is also a friendly bird and can live with other birds like finches, etc.

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How can you tell if your canary bird is sad?

Well, it is very easy to acknowledge that the canary bird is sad. The first and topmost symptom is that the canary will stop singing. However, you can also see the following symptoms in your canary bird to know that is sad.

Symptoms of Sadness / depressed canary bird

– The canary bird will stop singing
– It will stop eating or show less interest in food supplements
– It will be in active sitting at one place.
– It will also be sleeping a lot.
– It will not play in the cage or aviary.
– It will not show interest in pairing.
– Dull plumage color
– It will show less interest or no interest in playing with other birds.

These were the main symptoms which are clear and obvious reasons/facts that one can acknowledge in the canary bird.


How To Tell If Your Canary Is Happy? hope you have got a better idea about your canary bird and symptoms which allows you to know if your canary is happy or not. please let us know if you have any other questions. However, we have also come up with short F.A.Qs below.



It is better to have two canaries rather than one. Because a single canary will lose its interest in singing or playing around in long run. Having two canaries will help both canaries stay active and live for a long time even if both of them are male. They will sing more actively and aggressively seeing and listening to each other. Male canaries sing to attract mates and establish territory.


Yes, canaries get sick like other birds. The canaries can be susceptible to a number of illnesses. Symptoms of ill health include swollen or discolored feet, diarrhea, and a raspy, coughing sound when the bird breathes. There are also some more severe diseases that could cause death to canaries. However, a proper diet can save them from getting sick.

Do sick canaries sing?

No, sick canaries do not sing. A sick canary will not sing while he or she is ill. In addition, a canary in molting season will also stop singing.

How do I know if my canary is dying?

A canary will die if it is suffering from illnesses like diarrhea and other severe diseases. You will know that by observing the canary showing less interest in food, and other activities. In addition, it will be sitting at the bottom of the cage and not have enough energy to sit on perch and fly there.

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