How Long Do Canaries Live

How Long Do Canaries Live? | 5 Amazing Facts of Canary Life Span

How long do canaries live?

Everyone loves canaries! These cheerful birds make a great addition to any home and are loved for their intelligent and friendly dispositions. But what do you really know about the lifespan of canaries and how long do canaries live in cages and in wild?

Canaries lifespan is much shorter in wild rather than in cages. The canaries live about 5 to 9 years on average in the wild and 7 to 14 years in the cages. however, I have personally experienced and had a canary that lived for 10 years with me in the cage. It all depends on the bird and the care you take regularly.

In addition, I have also observed and seen that male canaries live longer than female canaries. It’s because of her nesting and growing chicks in the breeding season. However, male and female canaries lifespan is affected by various factors which we will discuss in detail in this article.

Facts that decide How long do canaries live?

The lifespan of a canary depends on various factors like caring, environment, feeding, and pairing/breeding.
So, how long do canaries live will be calculated on these factors? How well you manage to maintain and follow the best possible procedures, will affect the longevity of life of a canary.

Factors involved in the Long Life Span of a Canary in captivity


As canaries are kept in cages, they require extra care than in wild. Because being the owner of this beautiful bird, it all depends on caring to enjoy its beautiful singing. Cage canaries require to be kept in a pleasant atmosphere with sufficient air, sunlight, and proper place.

The more canary is cared for, the more chances are to have it with you for a longer time period. It’s should be protected from predators and other threats around the cage.

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A canary is a bird that recognizes and becomes habitual of its place and surroundings. It gets happy and feels better at the same place without any disturbance.

Caring for a canary will not only increase its lifespan of it, but it will also make you happier. It needs constant caring day and night. At night, in summer, it needs to be covered with a net in order to be protected from mosquitoes.

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The environment of a canary is a very important and necessary factor. Canary loves to be in a pleasant and fresh environment like in the wilds. A caged canary that has some sunlight, fresh air, and calm surroundings with no disturbance will be very happy.

In addition, like other species, the canary bird also likes to have other canaries in its surroundings. A number of canaries in the same environment even caged separately, would enjoy the company.

If a canary is kept in a green environment or natural environment, it will feel better and happy. The natural environment will boost their health and interest in singing and living. Moreover, you can also add toys to your bird cage for making it happy and feel better. 

So, the environment of the canary bird matters in the long life of a canary.

Feeding / Diet

A proper diet is another key factor that affects the lifespan of the canary. Always try to maintain the diet of a canary bird. It should be provided with a sufficient amount of healthy food and supplements.

A canary in the wild eats all-natural nutrients which keeps it fit and healthy. So, it is essential that pet owners try to keep all necessary food supplements in mind.

Canary should also be given green supplements like salads, fruits, and a vitamin-rich diet.

Healthy food will ensure a healthy canary and will cure the canary from diseases as well. Which will be making the lifespan of a canary longer.

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Pairing / Breeding

Pairing and breeding the canaries is another key element that can affect the lifespan of the canary. A canary specifically a female canary goes through a tough process of laying eggs and incubating those eggs, and from hatching to feeding chicks, impacts her health.

It’s the reason that female canaries tend to live a shorter life than male canaries. Breeding season is a tiring and stressful time for female canaries which impacts their lifespan.

So, it’s very essential to feed a proper breeding diet to your canaries in order to have a much longer lifespan. And, continuous pairing and breeding be avoided. Only 2 to 3 clutches for a season is more than enough.

The canaries especially female hens may be separated and given a complete rest so that they could be ready for the next breeding season and have a healthy life.


Cage canaries need extra care and cleaning. The cages of canaries need to be cleaned and washed after every 2 to 3 days. If it is not possible, then it is suggested that once a week cage of the canary must be cleaned thoroughly.

Dirty cages having too much waste will produce various infections and diseases in canaries. Consequently, the lifespan of the canary will decrease.

In addition, seed trays, water bottles/filters, tubs, cups, perches, and nests are very important to be cleaned regularly. Doing this practice will not only keep your canary healthy and fit but also give you a feeling of happiness and attraction to love canary.

Just do this step and I promise you will love your pet with a clean and neat cage.

The above factors are the main ones that affect the lifespan of the canary while keeping it in the cage and having it as a pet at home. However, there are some other factors also involved in the short lifespan of the canary. But, these were the main ones.

Factors involved in Life Span of a Canary in Wild

To see what factors get involved in the short lifespan of the wild canary, we have researched different birds in the wild (species of canaries), so we have found that the following are the main factors for a shorter lifespan of the canary. In some areas of the country where wild canaries live longer than captive canaries. But, it is uncertain to tell which one would have a longer life.

Weather Conditions

We have observed that wild canaries had difficulties surviving in bad weather conditions. Especially in winter, while snowing and storms, the wild canary’s tendency to survive and manage its fitness, is at risk.
The wild canary though getting too much nutrition and natural food, finds it difficult sometimes to fight against harsh weather conditions.
This is why wild canaries have a short life in the wild and they can’t live as long as a captive or cage canary bird can.


The second foremost factor is a predator. The canaries living in the wild have to survive from predators. In the wild, predators have no mercy on any bird. It could be a snake or an eagle or even any other deadly hunter, canaries have to survive and hide from the eyes of these deadliest predators.

However, every time canaries do not get lucky like other species in the wild. They get hunted as well. Besides, being very active and fast, sometimes canaries are trapped and lose their life. Especially the chicks, usually they are attacked by snakes in the nest which ends their lives before starting.

So, canaries have these two main factors in the wild which affect their lifespan. However, diseases and infections are also part of their habitat in the wild.

How to Care For Your Canary for Long Lifespan

The canaries are a low-maintenance bird that needs only basic care. They’re great for people who are looking for a pet that can sing, tweet, and coo. They can live for up to 15 years and are good with people. If you’re thinking of getting a canary, be sure to get one from a reputable breeder. Make sure to provide plenty of room for your pet, as canaries like to be kept in large cages. Feed them a balanced diet, and water them frequently. Make sure to keep the cage clean and free of bird droppings.

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How long do red factor canaries live for?

how long do red factor canaries liveRed factor canaries are the long-lived bird variety, and can live up to 10 to 15 years! They are resilient and enjoy an active lifestyle, so regular exercise will keep them healthy and happy. Make sure to feed your bird regularly with good quality food that’s appropriate for canaries, and be sure to install a security system or keep your bird inside at all times to protect it from potential predators.


How long do Gloster canaries live?

how long do gloster canaries liveIf you’re thinking of getting a canary for the birdie in your life, you’ll want to know the lifespan and care requirements of this adorable bird. A Gloster canary lives for about four years, but it’s important to keep them healthy and fed in order to enjoy that lifespan. They require a lot of room – at least two per cage – so your space needs to be considered before getting one. Additionally, if you’re new to canaries, make sure you read up on their care before bringing one home! Learn about the different types of canaries, their lifespan, and the care they need before making the decision to bring one home.

How long do yellow canaries live?

do female canaries singThe yellow canary is a bird that is known for its long life span. It can live for up to four years and is a great pet bird. It’s important to provide a warm and dry environment for your canary, as this will help it live longer. When caring for your bird, make sure to feed it fresh food and water regularly. If you’re ever concerned about your bird’s health or well-being, contact a specialist!

Which has a longer lifespan male or female canaries?

The canaries are friendly birds that make great pets! The canaries can live for up to two years, but the male typically lives slightly longer. Because female canaries have a hard time in the breeding season, from laying eggs to hatching and raising the chicks. Regardless of the canary’s lifespan, providing them with a healthy environment and good food can increase their lifespan by up to 30%. The canaries are also known for their musical abilities, so be sure to give them a chance to show off their talent by singing along to your favorite songs!

What are some of the health problems that can affect canaries in captivity?

The canaries can develop respiratory problems such as the common canary disease and canarypox, digestive problems, foot problems, and eye diseases.



Now that you know everything there is to know about canaries, how long do canaries live in cages and in the wild and even about the factors that affect their lifespan. I recommend you to take good care of your bird and be friendly with it. It will love your company and be happy with you for a long time period. The owner can follow the above steps to have canaries for a longer time.

I hope that you will have good knowledge about the lifespan of the canaries now. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding how long do canaries live, I will be happy to share my experience.